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Please email me or log into my Client Portal to book your next appointment.

Telehealth (Online Video) Sessions 


If you scheduled an online appointment at Inner Room Somatic Therapy, please click the Launch Zoom link to the left at the time of your appointment. Log in a couple of minutes ahead of time to reduce delays and those annoying "Zoom software updates".


Backup Plan: If for some reason you can't access or use Zoom, please call me at 541-275-6349. We may be able to to use an alternative online video / telehealth platform: . I could also send you a Google Meet link if Doxy doesn't work.

Emergencies: As a solo provider, I don't provide crisis or emergency mental health services. If you or someone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide or another type of crisis, call or text the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 9-8-8, or if in immediate danger, call 9-1-1 or visit your nearest hospital emergency room.

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