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  • My private pay rate is $130 per 50 min session (reflects a payment at time of service discount).

  • Payment can be made by credit card, direct bank transfer, or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) cards.

  • I can also take the following insurance plans:

    • OHP Open Card 

    • Trillium OHP (Lane County & Portland)

    • CareOregon / HealthShare (Portland)

    • Possibly other OHP Plans

  • I don't take any commercial plans at this time. However, if you have out of network benefits, you may be able to be partially reimbursed by your insurance plan. It is up to you to know the services & practitioner qualifications that are covered by your plan.

A little info about OHP:
The Oregon Health Plan (OHP / Medicaid) is administered primarily through Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) in Oregon such as Pacificsource Community Solutions, HealthShare / CareOregon, or Trillium. In certain cases, OHP members may also be  directly enrolled through the Oregon Health Authority's Fee for Service / Open Card program.

I am in-network with OHP "Open Card" and can usually, but not always, bill as an out of network provider for the CCOs. (In all cases, OHP members always have $0.00 (zero) out of pocket costs.)

To find your CCO, and to see if you might have an option between more than one CCO, see the map on this page. For example, if you live in the Eugene-Springfield area, you likely have the choice between Trillium or Pacificsource. If you live in the Portland area, you likely have the choice between CareOregon, Trillium, or Pacificsource. Choice of CCO is often based on whether the medical providers you consider most important to your care accept your plan or not. 


CareOregon and Trillium consistently approve my prior-authorization requests. However, Pacificsource Community Solutions may not or may require a specific justification to see me rather than one of their in-network providers. If you have Pacificsource OHP, please discuss options and considerations with me before booking an initial consultation.

Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) Map

Use this map to identify your CCO or check if you have a choice of CCOs in your county.

CCO Map.jpg
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