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Image of a serious looking, and attentive therapist listening to questions.

Common Queries

You Ask - I Answer

Do you take my insurance?

My practice is primary private pay / cash based. I also take certain Oregon Health Plan policies including Trillium and CareOregon/HealthShare.

What does "somatic therapy" mean?

Somatic refers to the body, as in body-oriented psychotherapy. In Somatic Experiencing, we work with the whole person, including body, mind, spirit feelings, behaviors or patterns of action in the world.

How do I get started?

Upfront, we need to make sure that our schedules work together, I need to know how you are paying for therapy, and we need to meet briefly to make sure that we are a mutual good fit. This is usually done through a free 15-20 minute consultation. Please get in touch to schedule with me.

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